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  • Parking Lot Reseal and Restripe

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to reseal and restripe an approximately 20,500 sf parking lot at the 322 N 2nd Ave Parking Lot.

  • LA/LB Remote Operations Phase 1

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to upgrade existing RPM equipment at each of the terminals included in Phase 1 to allow CBP to operate the RPMs from a remote location (Ocean Boulevard). Remote operation will require 1) Remotely accessible situational awareness (surveillance cameras), remotely controlled RPM and traffic control (gate arms, traffic lights), and remotely […]

  • San Luis 2 Concrete and Air Tube

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to develop and provide site investigation to verify the existing site and conditions prior to the beginning of construction of Air Tube Delivery System.  Provide and install an outdoor Pneumatic (Air) Tube deliver system and new CIB concrete pavement island matching the elevation, finish and slope of the existing […]

  • JBSA Lackland Airfield Crack Repair

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to repair runway slabs not to exceed the set quantities in this SOW. If it is found after the contractor’s survey that, all of the quantities are being used on the runway then the government will provide to the contractor with which slabs are priority.  If there is quantity […]

  • Repair Roofs of Bldgs. 12010 & 12020

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to replace both Buildings 12010 and 12020 deteriorated composite roofing and dock deteriorated wood bumpers. Repaint both Buildings 12010 and 12020 interior walls and ceiling. Repaint both Buildings 12010 and 12020 exterior building guard plates. Remove and modify existing electrical conduits, grounding wiring, light boxes and mechanical vents on […]

  • Provide Backup Power Source for Building 20009

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to install a new 150amp/208-120V/3 phase service feed from the existing transformer T-3 in building 20007 to a new 200 amp safety switch outside building 20007. From the new safety switch the new service will run surface mount then run underground over to the south side of the concrete driveway […]

  • Repair Sidewalk at Parade Field Bldg. 2484

    FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is to: 1. Install approximately 1520 square feet of unitary poured in place surfacing to include compacted base material and concrete slab on existing grade. Install 2 curbing (4 inches curb width x inside depth 3 inches x 5 feet 8 inches wide x 12 inches depth from top of curb […]

  • Low Use RPM Removal SW Region

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to removal the low use RPM’s at various locations withing the SW region. RPM and RPM-RELATED EQUIPMENT REMOVAL and STAGING includes: a. Communicate definitive completed staging date for dismantled and packaged equipment to PNNL no later than 14 calendar days in advance. b. De-energize and place all RPM-related equipment […]

  • Construct Covered Walkway, Bldg. 01495

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. has been tasked to remove the guard rail, built-up roofing, concrete slab, steel door, metal flashing, CMU walls, transducer, bms, conduit conductors, & lights.  Addition of but not limited to: guard rail, welding, CMU walls, rebar, dowels, gutter, downspout, urethane insulation board, structural steel, steel doors & frames, gravel stop fascia, Door […]

  • Repair L Retaining Waill Bldg. 31178

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. will replace existing north retaining walls at C-2 test pad, Building 31178, Ground Range. Remove and reinstall existing metal steps and deck as required.  C-2 test pad of Building 31178 locates at Aircraft Survivability Site, Ground Range, approximately 8 miles northeast from Base Main Gate. SCOPE OF WORK: 1. Replace C-2 […]

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