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  • MAP Reservoir Fence Installation

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to perform reservoir fence modification at Mariposa Land Port of Entry, Nogales, AZ.

  • Chamber 421 and 524 Refurbishment

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to: 1. Chamber 524 a. Repair wall as needed and reinstall existing shelf/shelf support in judge’s robbing room. b. Remove all hooks, nails, etc. in all walls throughout chamber. Patch, repair, and paint all walls, columns, and existing painted doors and frames in chamber. *Note: Existing paint color is […]

  • CAAA Bldgs 145 and 148 Infill Windows

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. has been tasked to provide, labor, equipment, material and supervision to provide complete work to the following statement of work. 1. Building 145 Scope The Intent of this work is to remove all existing windows and fill in windows with concrete and install metal siding that will blend in with existing […]

  • CAAA Bldg 3149 Painting North/South Test Cell B

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. has been tasked to Paint the North & South Ends of the bare concrete test cell bay walls and repaint all safety wood yellow railing along perimeter of facility. Statement of Work • Phase 1 – CAAA Customer shall download or remove all explosives, racks, shelving, equipment, miscellaneous items away from […]

  • CIB Flooring Replacement

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to replace flooring at  San Luis Land Port of Entry in the  CIB cashier and adjacent office work areas.  Remove and re-install all furniture, remove carpet and cove base from two supervisors office and  one Ops Center office.  Replace and match with existing carpet squares and cove base in […]

  • Repair Fire Sprinkler System Bldg. 15754

    Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to perform all work to include all labor, materials, equipment, supervision, personnel, and transportation necessary for fire sprinkler system repairs at building 15754 in the Propulsion Lab (PL) area. Work will include 4” water line repair, gunite berm excavation and repair, testing and verification of system performance with […]

  • Repair Security Lights Bldg. 31047

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to demolish the existing security pole lights and all of the wire pertaining to the existing lights. Provide a security lighting system using some government supplied material to replace the existing lighting system at the Prolab building 31047 at the […]

  • USDC SDO Pretrial Carpet and VCT 2-Room Conversion

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to replace the existing carpet in the Pretrial Services Suite and convert the VCT rooms 3321 and 3321B to Staff Attorney Offices.  This includes the relocation of data lines/jacks, removal of acoustical wall panels, patch, repair and paint of identified walls and the additional cove base for the new […]

  • Walsh Lobby Wall Monitor Installation

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide and install three wall-mounted Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) monitors complete with electrical and IT rough-in in the main James A. Walsh Courthouse above the mailboxes.

  • Judges Elevator Refresh

    Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to supply all labor and materials to make the repoars to the judges elevator cab interior and access door. Surface preparation of interior panels Apply pressure sensitive architectural overlay film to interior surface panels and access door Edges shall be finished to reduce and discourage peeling Remove and install […]

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