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  • Design/Build Rotator Table and Sprung Structure

    This project involved the construction of a spherical measurement facility for a classified program in a very remote desert region of China Lake NAWS. Extreme accuracy in placement of concrete pavements, foundations and pads was required to meet the needs of the user.  

  • Digital Airport Surveillance Radar – Tolicha Peak

    This project was the construction of a USAF radar site, located at the top of the remote, high-security (“Above Top Secret”) Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range. At an elevation of 6,780 ft., the project was done under severe physical conditions.

  • Design Build Addition to Bldg 1950

    Design, build new 1,000 sf. building addition at the water treatment plant building 1950. Implement SET team approach Able to work in variable and unknown conditions Interfaces with NAVFAC, public works and FEAD teams Offered and installed VA/VE design Provided FFE package Special structural considerations taken

  • Design Build Mass Notification System

    Design build new mass notification system at Bldg A33 Wings 1 & 2 Precision scheduling to accommodate Naval Operations Ability to work in restricted windows of time – SCIFs Able to work in variable and unknown conditions Confined space conditions Interface with Contracting and Public Work teams on base Massive 500,000 square foot facility – Phased […]

  • Design-Build Magazine Access Improvements

    demolition, roads

  • Repair Existing Homeruns for Airfield Lighting

    Air Force

  • Repair Building 144, Aircraft Fire and Rescue Station on San Nicolas Island

    Repair Building 144, Aircraft Fire and Rescue Station on San Nicolas Island. Repair of interior living spaces to accommodate berthing of nine personnel, repair of kitchen area, repair restroom to include tile, fixtures, and relocation of washer/dryer hookup. Repair of existing fire alarm system upgraded to include sprinklers, repair seismic upgrades. New construction includes air […]

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