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  • Design Build Install Generator Bldg. 7065

    Federal Construction Group Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and all items necessary for the installation of a backup generator to power Building 7065 COMM Room 69A. All work associated with the installation of backup generator shall be coordinated with the Government to mitigate any potential impacts to the current […]

  • Roybal Elevator Modernization Project 3

    Federal Construction Group is tasked to examine the existing conditions, power supply, standby/emergency power supply, mainline disconnect, and include all work needed to ensure a fully code compliant modernization. Contractor or his sub-contractors shall perform this work, which may include but is not limited to the following: Mechanical: 1. Hoistways: Construction and modifications of hoistways, […]

  • Replace Fire Alarm Equipment in 148 Buildings

    FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is to disconnect and remove the existing fire alarm reporting equipment at 148 buildings/locations and replace the equipment with a telephonic type alarm reporting system.

  • Security Upgrades to Bay 4 in Range Control Center Building 31455

    Federal Construction Group is demolishing and constructing interior walls, acoustical curtains, ceilings, doors, raised access flooring, mechanical (ducting and vents), electrical (lighting, switches, panels, breakers, feeders, conduits, wiring, raceways, receptacles, and switch gear), security (security barriers and white-noise generators for mechanical ducting, motion detectors, door contacts, alarm horns, key pads, alarm panels, card readers, emergency […]

  • High Velocity Air Flow System for the Live Fire Survivability Test

    This project involved constructing a rolling, steel superstructure to house 9 jet engines. The project is designed to create MACH 1 level, direct-able airflow for aircraft/weapons system testing and simulation.

  • Installation of a Radiation Portal

    New construction of a Department of Homeland Security Radiation Portal Monitor and supporting structures at the Port of New Orleans, LA.

  • Design Build Addition to Bldg 1950

    Design, build new 1,000 sf. building addition at the water treatment plant building 1950. Implement SET team approach Able to work in variable and unknown conditions Interfaces with NAVFAC, public works and FEAD teams Offered and installed VA/VE design Provided FFE package Special structural considerations taken

  • RPM Installations at Detroit – Blue Water and Algonac

    Install Radiation Portal Monitors at Seaport Vectors between USA and Canada Solid Subcontractor Basis 40 Day Performance Period Critical Mission Per the Dept. of Homeland Security

  • Design Build Sea Wells at San Nicolas Is.

    Design, build and redevelop seawells on SNI. Implemented SET team approach Able to work in variable and challenging logistical conditions Interfaced extremely well with public works and FEAD teams Offered and installed VA/VE design Exceed all performance expectations Performed within the initial contract intent without change order phenq ingredients, phenq side effects, phenq reviews 2019, phenq coupon codes, does […]

  • Design Build Mass Notification System

    Design build new mass notification system at Bldg A33 Wings 1 & 2 Precision scheduling to accommodate Naval Operations Ability to work in restricted windows of time – SCIFs Able to work in variable and unknown conditions Confined space conditions Interface with Contracting and Public Work teams on base Massive 500,000 square foot facility – Phased […]

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