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B3142 Paint Exterior and Replace Blinds

Federal Construction Group is tasked to paint the exterior of Bldg. 3142 complete. Replace damaged window blinds in rooms of Bldg., 3142

a) Demo

1. Remove damaged window blinds in various rooms, see attachment for room numbers.b) Site Preparation

1. A 60’ JLG man lift will be required to perform this work

2. Clean and scrape all loose and peeling paint, prep and prime exterior walls, eves , stairways and hand railing throughout Bldg. 3142


c) Construction

1. Paint exterior of Bldg. 3142 complete, follow Installation Appearance Plan for colors of exterior paint.

2. FMS will supply IAP specifications upon request.

3. Install new window blinds, FMS will determine style and colors upon request.

4. See attachment for room locations.

5. Clean up job site daily.

East Courtyard

West Courtyard

North Wall

South Wall


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