B3168 Paint Main Hallways and Install Vinyl Cove Base HomeB3168 Paint Main Hallways and Install Vinyl Cove Base

B3168 Paint Main Hallways and Install Vinyl Cove Base

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to remove all wall paper and skim coat walls to be a level 4 finish. Provide new vinyl base cove of all walls that will be painted. Portion of hallways do not have wallpaper and require prep and painting only.  Building 3168 is a not a classified facility.  Customer or representative from NSWC shall provide means of access to the facility during the proposed schedule provided by the Awarded contractor for execution this includes afterhours/weekends, if contractor chooses this option and provide a working site to keep job boxes/tools/materials for access during the time line scheduled for the contractor.

Scope of Work Painting
? Remove all wall paper and skim coat walls to have a level 4 finish prior to painting. Patch any holes, blemishes or cracks throughout interior of existing walls of the attached drawing. Expansion joints of drywall shall be left as is and not be filled.

? Any pictures/signage that has been removed prior to the site visit WILL NOT be reinstalled. The existing anchors/holes will be remove/filled in and sanded back
to a level 4 finish.

? Any pictures/signage that is still in place during the site visit will be the contractor responsibility to remove & reinstall back in the existing place once painting is
completed. Paint around certain fixed objects. Contractor choice.

? All walls shall be painted w/1 coat of primer and 2coats of finish paint using high quality paint product. The color scheme is Panda White in eggshell by Sherwin
Williams or match as close as possible to another paint brand to same quality of paint and color.

? Demo vinyl base cove within all walls of this contract and replace with new 4” vinyl base cove. Color will be provided after award.

? There is one small break room that is involved to be painted/install base cove.  The equipment and items will be the contractor responsibility to move out
before/after painting/base cove is complete. Color will same as hallway color scheme.

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