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Barbours Cut C-6 Reconfiguration

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to reconfigure and to convert 3 existing Secondary RPM lanes into three Primary RPM lanes. Scope will include the complete removal of one booth, gate arm, and RPM at L-Street, the relocation of the L-street booth to the Main gate that will become the new CBP operations booth and the re-wiring of the existing 3 Secondary RPMs. This reconfiguration will require the installation of 6 gate arms, 6 traffic lights, 3 intercoms, 6 VIS cameras, 4 area surveillance cameras, 7 bollards, as well as associated signage and k-rails in the new Primary Lanes. The Secondary Inspection Area will also be modified requiring road surface work and adjustments to the existing fence and curb. The scope will also include the removal and crating of the old existing 5 Primary RPMs (in addition to the RPM from L-Street) and the removal of the existing Main gate CBP booth once the new 3 Primary lanes are fully operational from the re-located L-street booth at the Port of Houston Barbours Cut C-6.



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