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Bldg. 3006 Renovate Exterior and Paint Test

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide repair/install of all Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) which is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding system that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system. This project is to repair all exterior areas of Building 3006 EFIS and provide paint coatings adequate for EFIS to match as close as possible to Sherwin Williams color Useful Grey of entirety of faculty. All exterior doors, safety handrails & both test tower’s will be painted matching the same color, example of finish product of faculty is color scheme to recent project of Building 2037 (contractors road). All safety bollards will be painted safety yellow or plastic sleeved. There is no lead base paint of any of these tasks that the contractor will need to abate prior to execution of each task.

Exterior EFIS & Block Walls of Faculty
• Remove Building signage(s) (B3006 Green) and turn back over to the government. Hang new signage(s) that the government will provide to the contractor after painting has been accomplished to adequate location.
• Repair, install and clean approximately 7,000 square feet of EFIS to be completely restored to original cosmetics of the faculty prior to painting. EFIS work may be executed by either the prime or sub-contractor but shall have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in repair, installment and cleaning of EFIS systems. Attached drawings of EFIS for all contents of measurements.
• Apply coatings once all the EFIS has been restored, Paints/Coatings shall meet EFIS coatings recommendations or to remain intact over hairline cracks caused by thermal changes in the substrate and offer excellent hiding properties and resist wind and rain and absorption of water in direct contact with vertical surfaces and provide UV resistance and deter growth of mold and mildew for a duration.
• All EFIS surface and remaining block/solid concrete shall be power washed accordingly, cleaned of all or any contaminants of all exterior walls prior to any painting.
• All exterior EFIS and block walls shall be painted to have the entire faculty match the same color throughout.  Color scheme will be Sherwin Williams 7050 Useful Grey or equal/equivalent too. Example of exterior ‘beep’ customer is wanting is Building 2037 on contractors road. Any method of execution of the painting may be used per contractor’s choice.
• All areas where the EFIS and yard or grass meet shall have sod removed 3’ away from building and have ¼”x 5” metal landscape (or similar edging) edge installed staked securely in place. Line inside areas w/heavy duty landscape felt. Place clean #4’s or #7s crushed stone or adequate landscape stone approximate 3-4” depth or to have felt covered throughout. This will prevent the mowing crew from damaging the repaired & painted EFIS.

Test Tower 1 & 2
• Modify existing ladder/or purchase a new ladder to meet the Navy Fall Protection Requirements. This ladder is on Test Tower #1 and shall comply these requirements prior to painting stated within sow.  • The entire exterior of the towers 1 & 2 shall be cleaned by water jetting in accordance with SSPC SP WJ-4.  Locations where the original coating is missing and corrosion is present shall be further cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP WJ-1 or SSPC SP 10/NACE No. 2. Only potable water shall be used.
• Pre-Application Testing: Ensure surfaces are free of contamination from oil and grease, soluble salts, and dust.
• Inspect all surfaces for oil and/or grease contamination using two or more of the following inspection techniques:
1) Visual inspection, 2) Cloth rub test. Apply coatings to dust free surfaces.
• Surfaces that are prepared to bare metal shall receive three coats of paint: zinc-rich epoxy primer, epoxy intermediate coat and polyurethane top coat. Surfaces that have the original coating adhered following cleaning shall receive the epoxy intermediate coat and the polyurethane top coat. Coating system shall be manufacturer approved for use on exterior steel structures.
• Surfaces shall be coated in three even coats of 3-5 mils dry thickness (DFT), for a total minimum of 9 mils DFT.
• Provide a containment system for the capture, containment, collection, storage and disposal of the waste materials generated by the work under this Section, to meet the requirements of SSPC Guide 6. Containment equivalent to Class 3 is required. Vapor concentrations shall be kept at or below 10 percent of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) at all times. Containment may be designed as fixed containment for complete structure or portable containment for sections of structure. It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure the feasibility and workability of
the containment system. Perform operations and work schedule in a manner as to minimize leakage of the containment system. The containment system shall be properly maintained. If the containment system fails to function satisfactorily, the Contractor shall suspend all operations, except those required to minimize adverse impact on the environment or government property. Operations shall not resume until modifications have been made to correct the cause of the failure.

Exterior Doors/Frames, Handrail/Equipment & Safety Bollards
• Prep/sand all existing of the (10qty) exterior doors/frames (exterior portion of doors/frames only), handrails throughout faculty & equipment and provide w/1 coat of primer and w/2 coats of high quality paint for exterior metal surfaces. Color shall match exact color as either test towers or equivalent of coatings of test tower’s to ensure exact color matching.
• Existing Safety 4” bollards around the faculty shall have either new plastic bollard sleeves purchased/installed or contractor may choose to paint w/2coats of safety yellow paint using a high quality paint for exterior metal surfaces.

Repair/Repair or Replace Mesh Screen of Test Fence’s
•  Provide labor; mobilize equipment & material to attach mesh metal grated screen to existing telephone poles.
• There is 1qty fence line to be executed within this contract; fence line is approximately 336’ long x using 35’ telephone poles w/4’ sections of galvanized mesh 16 gauge (.063) screen fencing running horizontally attached to poles using 1” x 4” furring strips lagged bolted to the poles. All wire mesh that is secured shall be left as is but contractor shall check each pole to ensure all mesh fencing is secured. Any screen mesh that is damaged or has fell to the ground shall be reconnected using identical mesh to match existing using 1” x 4” furring strips w/lag bolts and washers to secure fence to poles. Contractor will verify existing material and purchase to match as close as possible of existing material in type metal/gauge/thickness. All left over material and existing fence that is laying on the ground shall be removed and picked up and discarded off base prior of sign off.


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