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CAAA Bldg. 2540 Replace Awnings and Install Bollards

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide 5 exterior door awnings made from aluminum framing using heavy duty skinned vinyl material and install sleeved bollard covers.

Demo and replace existing door awnings to be replaced w/aluminum framed skinned with heavy duty vinyl material matching color scheme of existing as close as possible.
Provide caution tape inside of interior doors and cone area off of exterior as the contractor is demo/replacing awnings to protect government employees from entering/exiting each door the contractor is working at for safety reasoning.

There are 4 openings (Doors 1, 2, 3, 9) that have existing awnings in place. Each of these openings the contractor shall provide same size awnings covering in length and width but contractor may use dome shape/elongated dome shape/lean-to shape/lean-to awning w/rigid valance for the replacement for each openings in shape design. There is 1 opening (Door 7) that has no awning. Provide new awning for door #7 approximately 4’ deep x 12’ long.

Door #1 – 16’ depth x 12’ long

Door #2
– 5’ depth x 9’long Door#3
– 4’ depth x 10’long

Door#9 – 5’ depth x 9’ long
Verify all existing dimensions for verifications.  There are approximately 74qty 4” bollards/24qty 7” bollards/3qty 9” bollards that shall be sleeved with plastic bollard covers. There are 2 fire hydrants that will be prepped/primed and painted matching existing color as close as possible. Contractor shall match color scheme of sleeves to the newly installed covers protecting the generator that has already been done but shape at the top may be
round.  Verify the quantity/sizes of bollards around the building for verification.

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