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Cathodic Proteciton Bldg. 20275

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to remove the existing sacrificial anode cathodic protection system, procure and install a new sacrificial anode cathodic protection system for the 200,000 gallon water storage tank #20275. This cathodic protection system will consist of extruded magnesium rod anodes and a Constant Potential, IR-Free, Anode Controller and associated equipment.

The cathodic protection control system shall be capable of automatically providing a constant, IR-Free potential for internal steel water reservoir surfaces using magnesium anodes. The new control system shall require no external power or batteries, yet provides controlled and regulated cathodic protection current for the internal submerged surfaces of steel water tanks utilizing sacrificial, magnesium anodes; thereby reducing life cycle costs while optimizing cathodic protection levels.

The cathodic protection system will consist of four(4) 20 foot long, 2.56 inch diameter extruded magnesium rod anodes and the Constant Potential, IR-Free, Anode Controller.  Two copper / copper-sulfate reference electrodes will also be installed. Associated wiring and system hardware will also be required. The existing anode mounting hardware on the tank can be used for this installation where feasible. All material and equipment shall be installed per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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