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Construct Covered Walkway, Bldg. 01495

Federal Construction Group, Inc. has been tasked to remove the guard rail, built-up roofing, concrete slab, steel door, metal flashing, CMU walls, transducer, bms, conduit conductors, & lights.  Addition of but not limited to: guard rail, welding, CMU walls, rebar, dowels, gutter, downspout, urethane insulation board, structural steel, steel doors & frames, gravel stop fascia, Door threshold, weather stripping, white coat roof, built-up roofing, roll roofing, urethane foam roof, tapered insulation, seal CMU, paint CMU, fire sprinklers, sprinkler supply piping, door locksets, signage, rubber base, roof decking, concrete footings, concrete slab, panic bar, resilient flooring, sheet metal flashing, paint door & frames, expansion anchors, screws, & door closer, light fixture, conduit, conductors, transducer, bms, & couplings.

No ACMs were found in 1495 or the area of 00005 where the walkway will be constructed. However, lead was detected at low concentrations in all four paint samples collected.

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