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Design-build a new suspect vehicle holding area facility at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada.  This facility is used as a temporary holding point and inspection stations for in-bound and out-bound munitions shipment entering the base.  Federal Construction Group designed and provided a final 100% construction drawing.  The suspect vehcile holding area was approximately 3,000 square yards.  This facility is located in a remote part of the base and has the parking capability to accommodate up to four (4) commercial munitions-laden tractor-trailer rigs.  Pavements had to be of sufficient composition to support munitions material and munitions material handling equipment.  The pad was designed to handle vehicles up to a weight of approximately 50 tons.  The yard was provided with a security chain link fence having two (2) sensor operated, rolling electric gates with a manual overide.  The gate was 12′-0″ wide and the overall height of the fence was 7′-0″ high.  Two fire extinguisher metal cabinets for 20-lb fire extinguishers was also provided.  Cabinets were non locking and surface-mounted on stand alone poles located inside the yard, one by the entry gate and the other on the opposite end.  Lighting with all necessary electrical support and connection to include a 15 KVA, single phase transformer through a 100 a/1 phase load center was provided.  A KV junction was installed in the manhole with cables that ran with a concentric neutral over to the transformer.  The neutral was grounded to the ground rod at the transformer.  The 15KV conductor was encased in concrete.  We used load break elbows for termination at both ends and provided ten 25′-0″ high steel poles with 3-250 W HPS flood lights on the poles with wire guards.  Lighting Arrestors were placed on the pole tops and ground wire was run down to a ground rod placed adjacent to the light pole.  We installed a caternary lightning protection system over the pad using the light poles as masts.  The poles were anchored to support the caternary cable.

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