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Convert Water Treatment Plant System Bldg. 02694

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to convert the existing water treatment plant from using chlorine gas to a sodium hypochlorite solution. This requires the installation of 3, double wall, 2,500 gallon polyethylene tanks, associated accessories and piping to provide a point of connection for the Government to connect.

A. Tanks will be upright, double wall, flat bottom storage tank assemblies. The assembly consists of one cylindrical inner primary tank and one secondary tank. Each tank is molded in one-piece seamless construction by rotational molding (laminated or fabricated tanks will not be accepted). The tanks are designed for above-ground, vertical
installation and are capable of containing chemicals at atmospheric pressure. The assembly shall be designed to prevent rainwater from entering the containment tank. The design shall allow direct primary tank base retention for up to seismic conditions per IBC code requirements. The containment tank shall be designed to hold a minimum of 115% of the normal fill capacity of the primary tank. Primary Tank capacities are 2,500 gallons.
B. All fittings, pipes, valves and associated accessories, shall be schedule 80 PVC.
C. All gaskets shall be a minimum of ¼” thick, 60-70 durometer and made of fluoroelastomer based material.
D. Primary discharge/fill bulkheads, valves, and piping shall be 2” unless otherwise noted.
E. This project has a Record of Categorical Exclusions (CATEX) associated with it. The
Contractor shall adhere to all the mitigation measures outlined in them.
F. This project has a Record of Categorical Exclusions (CATEX) associated with it. Adhere to all the mitigation measures outlined in the attached CATEX.

G. Provide new signage in accordance with NFPA 400 and NFPA 704 on facility and tanks for sodium hypochlorite 12.5%.
H. Provide 3 double wall tanks, PVC piping, bulkheads, fittings, valves adapters, and pipe supports for a complete and usable system.
I. Provide manufacture recommended; bulkhead fittings, leak detection, sight gauge, manway (for tank maintenance), atmospheric venting, seismic restraints and 2” flex PVC system for each tank.

J. Complete manufactures recommend test procedures after installation.
K. Fill all 3 tanks with sodium hypochlorite 12.5% solution.
L. Provide 120 volt, single phase power to the level sensors on each new tank (typical of 3). All new conduit, boxes and fittings shall be PVC type. PVC conduit shall be schedule 40. All flexible conduits shall be sealtight.


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