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This project was to renovate the existing restrooms in four phases while building was occupied by end users. Each Phase included providing ceiling exhaust fans, ductwork, air duct accessories and power for calculated CFM in all bathrooms.  Before commencing work of each phase, we submitted an updated copy of construction schedule showing the sequence, commencement and completion dates, and move-out and move-in dates of Government’s personnel for all phases of the work.

Phase I: Basement Level, Phase II: First Floor Level, Phase III: Second Floor Level, and Phase IV: Roof Level included work below slab, off site wet utilities, along with dry and wet utilities located in this level.  Working with limited use of the project site for construction operations, we were able to maintain portions of the existing building affected by construction operations in a weathertight condition throughout the construction period.  We were able to perform the work so as not to intefere with the Governments operations and maintain existing exits to walkways, corridors, and other adjacent occupied or used facilities.

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