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Demo Anechoic Chamber Room B29B Building 01400

Federal Construction Group dismantled and removed the dilapidated plywood anechoic chamber and associated inactive fire alarm and sprinkler system in room B29B located in Wing B of Lauritsen Lab, building 01400.  The demolition included the anechoic chamber unit and air sampling system, pre-action fire sprinkler system, pre-action releasing panel and associated fire alarm devices, oscillating chamber sprinkler heads and associated piping.  The replacement of the anechoic chamber linoleum floor sheets, restoring original light fixtures at removed anechoic chamber area, replacement of damaged and missing acoustic ceiling tiles in anechoic chamber area.  Providing a new fire alarm system to reflect system changes, repainting room B29B walls at removed anechoic chamber unit area and patching all penetrations in rated walls with UL listed fire stop.


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