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Demolish Abandoned NAVID, Facility 20281

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to demolish abandoned VOR Building 20281 to meet airfield lateral clearance requirements.  Relocate existing weather sensor system from indoor to outdoor.  Building 20282 is located in mid of the airfield 3 runways, approximately 3 miles north from Base Main Gate.


  1. Remove and reinstall weather sensor system prior to demolish the building. Provide associated work for relocated weather sensor system. Relocate weather sensor system shall be completed within one (1) day. Phone lines connect to weather sensor system by others.
  2. Demolish building shall not proceed unless installation of weather sensor system is completed and accepted by the Government.
  3. Asbestos-Lead survey was conducted. Survey report is attached.
  4. a) Building 20281 contain no asbestos fibers.
  5. b) Building exterior paints contain LBP. All paints are intact.
  6. c) LBP Abatement is not required.
  7. d) Coordinate with the Contracting Officer for construction schedule and access to the job site.
  8. e) This project has a Record of Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) associated with it.  Adhere to all mitigation measured outlined in the attached CATEX.


  1. Provide back board, sunshield, weather proof enclosure, and disconnect switch for relocated weather sensor system.
  2. Relocate weather sensor system from indoor to outdoor including reroute electrical power, weather sensor unit and data lines, and provide conduit for phone lines. Comply with drawing IR 10-6121/E1 all requirements.
  3. Demolish Building 20281. Comply with drawing IR 10-6120/A1 all requirements.



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