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Design Build 5c Wireless Tower and Equipment Port of Galveston

Federal Construction Group was required to design and construct the wireless towers, footings, and associated infrastructure to support transmission of wireless communications between the East and West Gate RPM installations at Port of Galveston in Galveston, TX.  Upon final approval of the design Federal Construction Group terminated all power connections (115VAC and greater) as necessary to establish wireless communication along with the termination of low voltage/communication/fiber. Installed/mounted and connected/terminated all hardware and electronics associated with wireless data transmission.  We furnished and installed all conduits, wires, boxes, switches, light fixtures, receptacles, service devices, and panel boards required for a complete and operational wireless transmission system.  The technical work included trenching for electrical power and signal, concrete foundations for transmission towers and tower assembly and erection.  Professional engineering or testing services were provided as necessary and dictated by drawings, specifications and local codes.  The equipment was installed in close proximity to operational traffic lanes.  Construction activities required close coordination with port operations staff to minimize any operational impact while ensuring the safety of construction staff.  This required a substantial percentage of the construction activities to be performed during off hours and weekends.

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