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Design- Build, Arresting Net System and Lights

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to remove and replace the existing wedge type antivehicle barriers, lighting and controls at the four (4) entrance gates to Travis Air Force Base in both the inbound and outbound lanes at the following locations; The Main Gate Facility 600, Hospital Gate Facility 728, South Gate Facility 999, & North Gate Facility 8993. The exiting hydraulic wedge barrier system, and controls are in a degraded condition and are currently deactivated. The new system shall be a complete system, consisting of arresting net equipment, all required signal lights, controls, electrical power, striping and bollards. The arresting net equipment shall be located in the area of the existing wedge barriers to be demolished. The exact location shall be determined during the design phase of the project. The project shall include a series of removable steel bollards in both the entrance and exit lanes to close lanes or create a calming or zigzag pattern at 4 four separate rows across both the inbound and outbound lanes before the guard stations exact locations to be determine during design and in coordination with the 60th Security Forces Squadron. A rack adjacent to the lanes shall be provided to store bollards when not used in the traffic lanes. Any existing electrical conduit between the existing wedge barriers, lights, controls and the guard stations and over-watch facility can be reused if in good condition.  Weekend and night work may be required and gate closures will be scheduled with the 60th
Security Forces Squadron. A traffic plan is required and shall be submitted and approved by the 60th Security Forces Squadron 30days in advance of any scheduled construction activity. All design and construction shall be in accordance with the references identified in paragraph 2.1-Applicable Codes and Standards listed below.

The project is to replace the existing wedge barrier system, and to install a new reliable non-lethal arresting net system, signal lights, controls, warning signs, and pavement striping to protect the Travis AFB from unlawful forced entry through the base security gates in both the inbound and outbound lanes.

Each of the four (4) existing sites has antivehicle wedge barriers, (Catsclaw) tire shredders, signal lights and drop arms equipment in various states of condition. All exiting equipment, wiring, signal lighting, (Catsclaw) tire shredders, drop arm equipment and controls shall be removed and disposed of off base.

The site development required will be to remove asphalt & concrete and place concrete in accordance with the new barrier system’s manufactures recommendations.

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