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Design Build Fallon Various Airfield Lighting Repairs

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to repair and replace damaged and inefficient and failing airfield, taxiway fixtures, constant current 5kV rated airfield lighting cable, and a constant current regulator. This project shall specifically target the Alpha Taxiway, APRONs 1 and 2, Fuels, Egress, and Combat Aircraft loading Area (CALA) operating circuit areas. All elements of the project will be designed and constructed in accordance with the referenced criteria and NAS Fallon requirements. The project will be in accordance with policies, standards and specifications including, but not limited to, the applicable Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations. Each circuit fed from the Airfield lighting Vault is shown in a different color for general concept and feeds lighting and signage.

The project shall bring the Airfield Taxiway and support areas into current compliance, utilizing energy saving FAA approved LED fixtures, where applicable and appropriate, and replacing the existing hand holes, sub grade light cans, and severely damaged Christy boxes with new FAA approved equipment to extend the airfield life expectancy.  Provide and install (5) new Airfield Circuits(s) fed from and including, one (1) new Constant Current Regulator.  All work shall be designed in manor minimizing the delays to mission critical training. All equipment shall be directly interchangeable or equal to with the existing ADB manufactured, 5 step, runway and taxiway airfield lighting system and airfield fixtures, wire, hand holes etc. shall be FAA approved. A multiple day or day long Prebid walkthrough will be held to establish inventory, intent, critical design criteria, and Airfield support.

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