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Design Build Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System Building 1405

Federal Construction Group was required to design and install a new integrated Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System capable of notifying building occupants at Building 1405, Naval Station, Great Lakes, IL.  We designed and installed each system to give full consideration to built-in spaces, piping, electrical equipment, ductwork and all other construction and equipment and to be free from operating and maintenance difficulties, all in accordance with detailed drawings.  We provided engineering, calculations and drawings to reflect new work.  Provided and installed new fire alarm panel, annuciators, power booster panels, and local operating controls along with new wiring and conduits.  Installed all new smoke and heat detectors, manual stations, duct smoke detectors, audio/visual alarms and LED signs, electrical supervision of all sprinkler system alarms and supervisory devices, HVAC shutdown and electrical supervision of fire pump controllers.  The FACP incorporated a single switch for shutting down all building HVAC  units and the system was compatible with the existing  base fire reporting system.  We provided testing and certification of the new systems.  The new fire alarm/mass notification system was subject to audibility and intelligibility testing in accordance with NAVFAC and NFPA standards.  As-built drawings and O&M manuals were provided.  All work was completed in strict compliance with Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards.

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