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Design Build Install Generator Bldg. 7065

Federal Construction Group Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and all items necessary for the installation of a backup generator to power Building 7065 COMM Room 69A. All work associated with the installation of backup generator shall be coordinated with the Government to mitigate any potential impacts to the current missions. With the exception of record as-built drawings of existing conditions, there are no Government furnished materials, labor, equipment, tools or supervision under this contract. All materials and components removed under this contract shall become the property of the contractor for proper disposal.


Building 7065 COMM Room 69A currently has uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) but will only support 2 hours of backup power. Building 7065 COMM Room 69A is one of the two central communication hubs that route network traffic out of JBSA Lackland Building 7065 COMM Room 69A also provides alternate path connectivity to Buildings 2167, 2169, 1600 and CEBN in Building 2000. Currently Building 7065 COMM Room 69A does not have generator/electrical backup power.


Federal Construction Group Inc. shall design and construct an electrical system to include a backup diesel generator NFPA 110 compliant to power Building 7065 COMM Room 69A.


  1. New generator shall include a min 100 gallon, above ground, double wall, belly tank to sustain generator running a minimum of 72 hour.
  2. Fuel system shall have overfill spill box reservoir with overfill prevention valve to include external alarm. Contractor shall include NFPA diesel fuel signage on belly fuel tank. Lackland CE will top off fuel tank after all testing is complete and generator is accepted.
  3. Generator enclosure shall be durable, resistant to corrosion with basic level 1 sound attenuation. Generator shall include load bank connections for future testing.
  4. Contractor shall design and construct an elevated concrete pad for the new generator to sit on.
  5. Contractor shall design and build a chain link fence to enclose generator with maintenance and fueling accessibility. Chain link fence shall not be see through, material color to match adjacent structure.
  6. Contractor shall include in design and install an automatic transfer switch (ATS), 4 pole with maintenance by-pass capability. Contractor shall install new ATS inside the facility’s mechanical room.
  7. Contractor shall include in design and install one central electrical panel feed from new generator to support COMM Room 69A. Currently the COMM Room 69A circuits are feed from different panels. Contractor shall relocate existing circuits supporting the COMM Room 69A to the one new central panel.
  8. Contractor shall demo any old circuits, conduit, and conductors no longer feeding COMM Room 69A. Contractor shall relocate existing circuits, in use, not supporting Communication equipment to another panel as directed by the designer of record.
  9. Contractor shall include into the design then install one light to support COMM Room 69A. This one light shall be feed from new central panel. The existing lighting circuits to remain functional, may remain in place or be relocated to the nearest panel.
  10. Contractor shall include in the design, then install all conduit, copper wire, safety devices, and any associated items to support the new generator and new ATS including a new grounding system. All conductors shall be copper. Contractor shall paint new conduit to match existing conduit in place.
  11. Contractor shall include in the design, then install an emergency power shut off switch, mushroom type, with a stopper II cover for all electronic equipment in the COMM Room 69A as required by NFPA 70 Article 645.10
  12. Contractor shall provide a copy of factory load bank test. Contractor shall run generator and ensure all features are operational before final commissioning. Contractor is responsible for fueling generator during the testing phase.
  13. There can be no long-term interruptions to the power to the Building during construction. All required outages shall be coordinated with the government and take place after duty hours to limit mission downtime unless authorized by CE Project Manager. NOTE: Contractor shall provide temporary backup power during an outage if necessary.

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