Design-Build MI1041M Repair Fire Protection at Bldg. 8656 HomeDesign-Build MI1041M Repair Fire Protection at Bldg. 8656

Design-Build MI1041M Repair Fire Protection at Bldg. 8656

This project upgraded the fire protection systems at the Applied Instruction Facility, Building 8656 at Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, CA.  The project included the demolition of all or portions of existing fire protection systems and appurtenances, repaired remaining portion of fire protection systems and the replacement of other fire protection systems. A new combination fire alarm and mass notification system was installed throughout the facility including new detection (new smoke detectors in all underfloor spaces and all ceiling spaces protected with smoke detectors) and manual initiating devices; conversion of the a pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to wet pipe automatic sprinkler system; removal of deluge/pre-action valve and trim in wet pipe sprinkler system and replacement piping; replacement of sprinkler heads with concealed quick response sprinkler heads in electronic equipment areas; connection of the existing detection Vesda system to the new combination fire alarm and mass notification system and reconnection of existing power shutdown devices to sensitive electronic equipment; replacement of existing duct smoke detectors with new duct smoke detectors; extension of existing automatic sprinkler systems to areas not properly protected including under-floor areas; removing or providing baffles in areas with sprinkler heads with inadequate separation; installation of magnetic door hold open devices at selected door openings; repair/upgrade of elevator fire controls to provide recall switch and comply with current codes and standards; removal of existing unused and not to be renewed fire alarm system and devices, removal of exising carbon dioxide system piping, valves, tanks, stands, bracing and other related appurtenances exposed and concealed), and removal of exposed conduit, panels and controls; and restoration of surfaces to match existing adjacent construction after removal.

Building 8656 is the home of numerous training simulators, class rooms and related equipment. This building is 62,650 square feet and was constructed as two separate MILCON projects in the 1970’s, with numerous additions and revisions since the original construction.  This building construction type was unprotected/noncombustible.

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