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Design Build Renovation for Building 913

Federal Construction Group was awarded the design build renovation of building 913 at MCAS Yuma.  The work includes the repair and renovation to damaged and deteriorating building components attributable to inadequate sustainment, abuse, and excessive age including the replacement or repair of wall/floor/ceiling finishes, roofing, electrical, plumbing system componets, to such condition that the facility may be used for its designated purpose.  This work includes:

Renovation work of plumbing piping, fixtures, and trims throughout the building and making required utility tie-ins.

Glazing and window frames replaced with energy-saving units.

Interior side of all exterior walls to receive new 3 5/8″ metal stud and impact resistant gypsum board furred walls with R-13 batt insulation.  All damaged vents and wall louvers are to be replaced.

Interior gypsum board joint compound, floor tile, applied ceiling finish compound, abandoned gas piping; thermal insulation and pipe joints may that contain asbestos shall be abated.

Bring HVAC systems into compliance with code standards for outside air.  Provide pre-cooling coils and incorporate into existing DDC system at outside air intakes to temper outside air. Re-work/repair/replace condensate piping systems to optimize performance and minimixe maintenence requirements.

Provide additional washer and dryer at laundry locations.

Replace roofing and roof insulation.

Provide fixed awnings at east facing windows which coordinate with similar awnings at BEQ 660.

Paint complete interior and exterior.

Work includes site and building electrical connections.  Site improvements include repairs and modifications to existing landscaping and irrigation.

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