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Design Build Replace Electrical Substaions at MCRD

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to replace substations SD1814M (TH-12-2A) at BLDG 569 & SD1811M (TC-12-2A) BLDG 620 Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, California. The project replaces Substation BLDG 620 (PAD/TC-12-2A) and Substation BLDG 569 (PAD/TH-12-2A) at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD). The Substation project replaces deteriorated medium voltage 12kV electrical substation equipment and secondary unit substation that was installed in 1987 and 1970.
The scope of work (SOW) will replace medium and low voltage equipment, conductors, load interrupter switches, 5-way oil switch, 3-way oil switch, transformers, meters, controls and switchboards. Two option items are included for contractor to provide a new 2500A rated switchboard with main circuit breaker and new metering with controls for BLDG 620 at new electrical equipment pad area and to provide new CMU wall at new electrical equipment pad area.

SD1811M – Replace Substation TC-12-2A next to Mess Hall Building 620: The scope of work under this contract item consist of replacing and relocating existing 12kV medium voltage electrical equipment at BLDG 619 and BLDG 620 pad location 300 feet East in the parking lot to a new centralized electrical equipment pad. The scope shall also include a new fence with double gates and area lighting for concrete electrical equipment pad with spill containment.  Remove and demolish the existing 5-way oil sectionalizing switch, 3-way oil switch, (BLDG 620) 750kVA transformer with main circuit breaker on load-side of transformer, and (BLDG 619) Main
Switchboard. Contractor shall provide a new 6-way sectionalizing switch, electrical equipment pad, 12kV medium voltage cable, 600V secondary cable, manholes, pull boxes, encased concrete duct bank, (BLDG 620) 750kVA transformer with main circuit breaker on secondary side, wireless smart meters, short block and/or test devices, instrument, accessories and Main Switchboard SWBD for (BLDG 619). Main Switchboard for (BLDG 619) shall be provided with main circuit breaker, wireless smart meter, instrument, and thermostat / heater package. Contractor shall relocate existing (BLDG 619) 750kVA transformer and shall extend new cable and conduit to new concrete electrical equipment pad area.  Demolish TC-12-2C 75kVA 208/120-volt secondary distribution section, street lights, and meters, concrete pad. Furnish and install street light circuits, protection devices, and wireless smart meters to the new unit substation.

SD1814M – Replace Substation TH-12-2A at Mess Hall Building 569:The scope of work under this contract item consists of removing the existing 12kV medium voltage
secondary unit substation (TH-12-2A) at BLDG 569 electrical room. The existing secondary unit substation consists of 750kVA transformer and switchboard with main circuit breaker and metering.  Contractor shall also demolish and remove existing secondary switchboard in line with secondary unit substation switchboard.

Provide a secondary unit substation at BLDG 569 inside the electrical room. Contractor shall provide the same electrical distribution configuration consisting of a rated, 750kVA transformer with fused overcurrent protection device and rated switchboard. Contractor shall provide an additional minimum rated 2500 AMP secondary switchboard. Contractor shall verify structural conditions of the existing pad to determine if the existing pad can be used or if the existing pad shall be modified within BLDG 569 –  Electrical Room. If required, contractor shall modify the concrete pad as determined by the evaluation of the Structural Engineer. Contractor shall provide a standard foundation equipment pad meeting the structural requirement in Section A10.


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