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Earthquake Repairs Bldg. 00019 and Bldg. 20001

Fed Con-VC Joint Venture is tasked to repair of Building No. 00019. This facility, originally built in 1944 with an addition in 1947, is in substandard condition and functional level due to the recent earthquakes that have occurred in the region. The facility is planned for continued use and should be repaired to the pre-earthquake operational levels and efficiency. Two large earthquakes occurred on July 4, 2019 and July 5, 2019 within the boundaries of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (NAWSCL). The first earthquake was M6.4 and occurred at 10:33 AM on July 4. The epicenter of the first earthquake was located approximately 9 miles east-northeast of the Central Core Area. The second earthquake was M7.1 and occurred at 8:19 PM on July 5. The epicenter of the second earthquake was located approximately 9 miles northeast.  Building No. 00019 sustained damage related to the recent natural disasters. After the earthquakes subsided, NAVFAC send out a damage assessment team on 08/09/19 to assess the earthquake damage. The information within has been compiled and composed of the limited visual observations noted by the team. It is urgent that repairs begin quickly and concisely to mitigate valuable lost usable time of the facility and improve the safety and security for the personnel engaged with the facility.

Structural: The NEX is a wood frame building with timber columns and beams and a wood truss roof system. The foundation is made up of shallow foundations c consisting of spread and continuous concrete footings. The building has a 5” concrete slab on grade throughout. The lateral system consists of gypsum roof sheathing and 1” diagonal sheathing on the perimeter and some interior walls. The Fitness Annex has the same structural system as the NEX but also includes a 10” thick concrete wall on the east side of the addition.  Architectural: The single-story building consists of a mixture of large wood framed support columns and trusses, wood framed construction and a concrete separation wall at the east side wall. Original exterior finishes include exterior plaster system with newer wall finishes of External Insulation Finish System (EIFS) at the building North elevation and at the furred steel columns at the covered walkway. The covered walkway is integrated into the building facade
running continuously along the northern side of Building No.00019.  The building has a shared main entrance to the NEX Naval Exchange and the Fitness Annex
located at the north side. Ceilings include suspended acoustical ceiling tile systems in the NEX  Naval Exchange and Fitness Annex main training area and gypsum board ceilings in the storage areas, lobby and restrooms. Flooring systems consists of in the Fitness Annex main training area consist of linoleum sheet flooring and the NEX Naval exchange flooring consists of tile flooring, and lobby area consists of LVT. Flooring in the storage areas consist of sealed concrete. Interior wall finishes are painted gypsum wall board.

Mechanical: The existing facility HVAC system is rooftop Unitary DX Heat Pumps. Four (4) –10 Ton units provide approximately 16,000 CFM of supply air to the space. Exposed ductwork on the roof is routed to penthouse/plenum over the spaces. A ducted return is routed parallel with the supply air. Exterior ductwork is sheet metal (22 GA.) with exterior insulation. Interior ductwork is metal ductwork insulated with 1” fiberglass with foil wrap. System balance devices are at neck or connection to each air terminal.  Electrical: The building has an existing main electrical switchboard located in an exterior closet at the rear of the building which serves various electrical panelboards, mechanical equipment and other items within the building. Lighting within the building consists primarily of fluorescent recessed, surface and pendant mounted fixtures.  The existing Fitness Annex space lighting is composed of surface mounted fluorescent fixtures and inoperable track lights. Battery powered egress lighting provides for code required egress to the front of the facility. There is no egress lighting to the back or alternative storage area. All lighting is on manual switch.  Fire Protection: The building is provided with a wet-pipe sprinkler system and fire alarm system.

This project includes the design and construction of repairs to Building No. 00019, NEX Naval Exchange and Fitness Annex. The scope of work including interior and exterior earthquake damage repairs. Drawings in Part 6 represent a schematic reference floor plan showing general layout for major spaces of the building program and reference site layout as reference.
– The project will repair earthquake damage exterior concrete walks at the covered walkway and repair of all earthquake damaged exterior finishes.
NEX Naval Exchange:
– The project will include repairs of gypsum board ceilings in Warehouse and backrooms.
– The project will repair damages to slab on grade expansion joints and minor wood frame damages.
– Minor electrical repairs shall consist of securing separated conduit connectors on the roof, performing observation of and correcting any acoustical tile ceiling mounted light fixture supports and performing an infrared scan of the existing main electrical distribution switchboard to correct any loose connections that may be present.
– The project will consist of inspection and testing of the wet-pipe sprinkler system and the fire alarm system. The scope will include adjusting wet-sprinkler system hangers and bracing and replacement of escutcheons.
– The project will rFitness Annex:
– The project will include repairs of the 2’X4’ suspended acoustical ceiling tile system, floor finishes, interior walls, interior gypsum board soffit and interior door in main training area. Scope also includes replacement of damaged interior walls.
– This project will repair damages to slab on grade expansion joints
– The project will consist of inspection and testing of the wet-pipe sprinkler system and the fire alarm system. The scope will include adjusting wet-sprinkler system hangers and bracing and replacement of escutcheons.
– The project will replace air terminals in existing suspended acoustical ceiling. Demolish track lighting.eplace air terminals in gypsum board ceilings.

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