Electrical Repairs at Fire House #3 Building 20009 HomeElectrical Repairs at Fire House #3 Building 20009

Electrical Repairs at Fire House #3 Building 20009

Federal Construction Group consolidated two (2) existing electrical services into one (1), executed a laundry list of electrical repairs and modifications to bring the facility into compliance with the UFC, and privided a limited temporary means of emergency back-up power.  The existing modern 400A panel was converted into a Main Distribution Panel (MPD) supplying radial feeders with equipment ground to seven (7) subpanels inside building 20009, in addition to the existing feed to building 20168.  Additional minor electrical repairs included in this project was the addition of a light switch, additional battery backed EM lights, testing/maintenance of existing EM lights, a replacement cord reel, two new ceiling cord reels for the ambulance supply and an accurate, complete panel schedule listing.

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