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Emergency Repair Calls for High Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, materials, supplies, parts (to include system components), plant, supervision, equipment, and related services (except when specified as Government furnished) for projects including, but not limited to: downed electrical poles, transformer failure, distribution cable failure, switchgear/load interrupter failure, multiple base power failure, gas/oil ram switch failure, switching station failure, and pumping services for utility distribution systems. Examples of potential repairs include, but are not limited to the following:

1) Replace fuses

2) Replace cutouts

3) Install new insulator

4) Cross arm repair/replacement

5) Replace jumper wire

6) Splices down overhead wires and services

7) Trim trees from power lines or service drop as needed

8) Repair broken guide wires

Federal Construction Group, Inc. may be required to perform emergency trouble calls outside of normal business hours including nights, weekends, and holidays throughout the contract performance period. We are to respond to emergency trouble calls with qualified high voltage electrical personnel and equipment to commence work immediately. High voltage electrician qualifications are provided in the basic contract. Provide primary and secondary points of contact (along with contact information) that are available to receive trouble calls at any time during the life of the contract. Once receiving a trouble call, the point of contact and two qualified personnel shall be dispatched to the Public Works Department (PWD) China Lake After Hours Desk (AFD) located within the PWD Compound at Bldg. 991. AFD will coordinate PWD and/or Utilities & Energy Management (UEM) escorts and access to affected areas as required. The contractor point of contact and two qualified personnel shall arrive at the AFD within one hour of receiving the call from a Designated Government Representative (DGR).

Federal Construction Group, Inc. will report to area of incident and safeguard electrical system as required to create a safe environment to work on impacted portion system. UEM personnel will provide guidance in the safeguarding of the system as required, but will not assist in any repair activity or give any direction, in regards to the actual repair, to Federal Construction Group, Inc.

Once system is placed in a safe to work condition, contractor shall trouble shoot the system to identify the condition causing the electrical outage. If we identify the cause of the outage, and can repair within the allotted time, we shall make said repair and return electrical system to an operational condition.  If Federal Construction Group identifies the problem as one that cannot be corrected within the allotted time, we should work to bypass, or minimize the area impacted by the outage, then analyze the full scope requirements to return electrical system to a 100% operational condition. Outages requiring more than the allotted 12 total man hours to resolve should be accomplished via the IDIQ portion of the contract. Contracting Officer should be notified as soon as outage is identified as requiring more than the allotted time, and coordination to accomplish the full repair will begin immediately, using any available time within the allotted 12 hours for the initial emergency call when applicable.

Emergency Trouble calls will consist of two electricians plus the necessary supervision, quality control and safety personnel for a period of 6 hours. The roles for supervision, quality control and safety personnel may be combined but not the electricians. The intent is for the two electricians to have all support required to carry out their performance for six hours. Federal Construction Group will also provide the necessary material to conduct repairs for a maximum of $2,500 in material cost. Labor hours begin once the contractor employees arrive at the Public Works Department (PWD) China Lake After Hours Desk (AFD) located within the PWD Compound at Bldg 991. If the labor hours and/or material cost of the trouble call exceed these thresholds, Federal Construction Group is to immediately notify the Contracting Officer, and not incur any more costs until directed by a Contracting Officer to do so. The Government will not be liable for costs above the trouble call threshold unless Federal Construction Group is directed by the Contracting Officer.

Federal Construction Group, Inc. shall be expected to perform 12 emergency trouble calls per year under this Task Order. The Government reserves the right to increase or decrease this amount by modification to the Task Order in accordance with FAR Clause 52.243-1, Changes.

All terms and conditions of the basic contract apply to this Task Order including all state federal and local codes and safety standards.

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