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Encapsulate Mold Building 01403

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to encapsulate mold on interior side of the exterior walls and walls perpendicular to exteror walls of Branch Medical Clinic, Building 01403.  We are to remove base material and vinyl wall covering in all effected rooms to expose the mold.  Remove sound absorptive panels in room 112, prime walls low voc and skim coat walls at the damaged areas.  Provide new vinyl wall covering, prime and paint new wall coverings, replace sound absorptive panels in room 112, provide third party industial hygienist and certified technician and provide hepa vacuum.  We are to set up and remove portable shower, spray encapsulate polyethlen sheeting, fine clean exposed substrate, wet wipe substrate and vacuum surfaces.  We are providing mold abatement, sanitizing mold with hospital disinfectant, encasulating with anti-microbial barrier, removing and reseting electrical plate covers, nonfixed wall cabinets and all nonfixed equipment.

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