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Fire Alarm Control Panel Repair

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to

Repair fire alarm system
a) Contractor shall repair and update Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).
b) Contractor shall remove existing AFFF Release Panel and install new release panel. Existing
Aqueous Film Forming Foam(AFFF) panel is out-of-date and cannot be upgraded.
c) Contractor shall repair 14 fire alarm pull stations.
d) Contractor shall remove 10 tamper switches on pump house. Tamper switches are not required on
fire pump system.
e) Contractor shall repair 29 mini-mods for AFFF Abort Station, AFFF Pull stations and IR3’s
f) Contractor shall remove water motor gong and install electric bell.
g) Contractor shall repair wires where necessary
h) Contractor shall connect to existing Digital Alarm Commination Transmission (DACT) reporting
system for reporting of signals from newly installed FACP.

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