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Fire Suppression System and Restroom Renovation

Federal Construction Group, Inc. will perform the following scope of work at Davis-Monthan AFB.

  1. Provide all design shop drawings, permits, labor and materials for a complete installation of a fully automatic wet-pipe fire sprinkler system throughout the two facilities and a low level high expansion foam system in both hangers as a single pump house.
  2. The system shall be designed and installed in accordance with ETL 02-15, UFC 3-600-01 and the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) #13 and 409.
  3. Surge arrestor (expansion tanks) will be installed for each riser. (2-Foam Systems; 10 Gallon – 4 Wet Systems; 25 Gallon, and 2 – for pumps, 100 Gallon).  See add/alternates for additional costs if the 100 gallon arrestors can be removed from pump.
  4. Installation of sprinklers in areas with exposed ceilings shall be standard brass upright heads.
  5. Installation of sprinklers in areas with finished ceilings shall be chrome /white pendent with recessed chrome/white escutcheons.
  6. Foam System – Provide horizontal Bladder Tank and proportioning devices.
  7. Wet system will be hydraulically calculated at 0.2 gpm/sq.ft. over 2000 sq.ft. per ETL 02-15 and A1.
  8. Piping provided will be comprised of schedule 40 NFPA and UL approved and meets a 1.0 CRR and meets ETL 02-15 section A1. Fittings to be on of the following: grooved, threaded, or flanged.  No piping to be galvanized. A deductive alternate is provided if ASTM A 795 piping is allowed or used.
  9. Pump house will house two fire pumps: one electric and one diesel with automatic transfer switch. Inside the pump house will be a backflow, foam bladder tank for one hanger and surge arrestors.  A deductive alternate if offered for two electric fire pumps in lieu of one electric and one diesel.
  10. Will locate a 2nd foam system in the appropriate hanger (as specified) to eliminate any foam concentrate lines from running underground.
  11. All piping with foam concentrates will be stainless steel and will only run between tanks and proportioner.
  12. Sprinkler piping included under all mezzanines and in the office areas, and bathrooms, with brass uprights or semi recessed pendent sprinklers. 
  13. Final testing and training is included. Additional foam is included for testing.
  14. Pump house to be manufactured and delivered to jobsite when complete. Pump house will be set and secured on concrete pad by Subcontractor.  Concrete pad will be constructed by others with Federal Construction Group, Inc. provided templates and layout for penetrations.
  15. Perform initial water flow test per 2.5 Utility Coordination to determine adequacy of available water pressures and volumes to support creation of Pre-Design Phase deliverables.

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