Fire Suppression System Repairs to Building 508 HomeFire Suppression System Repairs to Building 508

Fire Suppression System Repairs to Building 508

Federal Construction Group, Inc is to repair the fire suppression system located at Building 508 MCAS YUMA, Yuma, Arizona.  We are to provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, technical supervision and other items and services necessary to perform: inspection, abatement, installation and repair building 508.

Demolition Plan

1. Remove broken main fire suppression riser and associated piping.

2. Remove underground connections at 90 degree elbow for main water suppression line. .

3. Remove broken PIV on south west corner of building. Underground piping is asbestos wrapped.

4. Remove all water damaged dry wall.


5. Install new main fire suppression rise and associated piping.

6. Install new 90 degree underground elbow connection for main fire suppression water line.

7. Install new fire rated backflow preventer on main supply line for fire suppression water line.

8. Install new drywall.

9. Paint and texture new drywall to match existing paint texture in rooms.

10. Clean floor and restore from water damaged.



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