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High Velocity Air Flow System for the Live Fire Survivability Test

This project involved constructing a rolling, steel superstructure to house 9 jet engines.
The project is designed to create MACH 1 level, direct-able airflow for aircraft/weapons system testing and simulation.

001HIVAS 8 wall sub grade 003HIVAS 8 wall sub grade2 HIVAS Asphalt removal1 HIVAS Cages in hole1 HIVAS Cages set in hole1 HIVAS Compacted base S. elev.1 HIVAS Compacted base S. elev.2 HIVAS Compacted base S. elev.3 HIVAS Compacting base HIVAS Compacting subgrade2 HIVAS Compaction N elevation2 HIVAS Compaction N elevation3 HIVAS Compaction over all HIVAS Complete1 HIVAS Complete2 HIVAS completed concrete02 HIVAS completed concrete03 HIVAS Drill rig Mobilizing1 HIVAS Drill Rig Mobilizing2 HIVAS Drilled Caisson layout E. Grade beam1 HIVAS Driller Caisson layout E. Grade beam2 HIVAS Drilling & Pump set up HIVAS Drilling & Pumping Caissons2 HIVAS Drilling & Pumping Cassons1 HIVAS Drilling Caissons HIVAS Drilling Caissons2 HIVAS Drilling Caissons3 HIVAS Epoxy System 001 HIVAS Erecting Steel 10 HIVAS Erecting Steel 11 HIVAS Erecting Steel 12 HIVAS Erecting Steel 13 HIVAS Erecting Steel 14 HIVAS Erecting Steel 15 HIVAS Erecting Steel 16 HIVAS Erecting steel 21 HIVAS Installing base N elevation1 HIVAS Installing base N elevation2 HIVAS Installing base N. elev.1 HIVAS Installing base N. elev.2 HIVAS Installing base2 HIVAS Pad Prep Installing base HIVAS Pad Prep N elevation2 HIVAS Pad Prep N. elevation HIVAS Pad Prep1 HIVAS Pad Prep2 HIVAS Paint 01 HIVAS Poured caissons HIVAS Saw cutting asphalt1 HIVAS Saw cutting asphalt2 HIVAS Setting Rebar cages1 HIVAS Setting Rebar cages2 HIVAS Snow day1 HIVAS Snow day2 HIVAS Snow day4 HIVAS Snow day5 HIVAS Sow day3 HIVAS Steel Erecting 001 HIVAS Steel Erecting 003 HIVAS Steel Erecting 006 HIVAS Sub grade HIVAS Sub grade2 HIVASCompacting subgrade1

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