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Increase Power to Bldg. 31462

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to upgrading the existing 150kva transformer that feeds building 31472 with a government furnished 500kva transformer. Upgrading the electrical service to building 31462.

A. The removal of an existing 150KVA transformer, pad and installing a new government furnished 500KVA transformer/pad using an existing 4.8KV service to feed the government supplied transformer. A new underground service to building 31462 which will require removing an existing sidewalk and asphalt and to replace the asphalt and sidewalk as per the attached drawings.
B. To pick up the government furnished transformer at the Public Works receiving compound and to take it to the job site. To provide a steel pallet for the existing 150KVA transformer and transport the 150KVA transformer to the Public Works receiving yard (429 Bowen Rd, Stop 40007, China Lake, CA) and leave it where the government furnished transformer was. See attachments for location of the Public Works receiving compound.
C. Give 14 days’ notice to the Engineering Technician before any outages are performed.
D. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) and/or lead-containing paint (LCM) have been identified in these buildings. If ACMs are disturbed, comply with specification Section 02 82 16.00 20, Engineering Control of Asbestos Containing Materials. If LCM is disturbed, comply with specification Section 02 83 13 00 20, Lead in Construction.

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