Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity for Station Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems HomeIndefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity for Station Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity for Station Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

This scope of work pertained to the service and testing of fire suppression systems, inspection for proper condition, and operations.  Federal Construction Group inspected, tested, check and verified, and ran fire pumps, OS&Y valves, flow switches, tamper switches, risers and sprinkler heads.  We checked for water leaks, repaired leaks (if any), check water gong and retard system for proper signal to FACP, and transmitter.  Exercised PIP valves, OS&Y valves, tamper valves, check-valves, flow switches, and gauges to be in good working condition.  Kept maintenance records, and tagged all equipment, for date and time of inspections, and testing.  Notified contract coordinator, and fire department inspectors of any problems, made a list of materials, or equipment that needed attention and logged information.  These were annual inspections and tests, also implemented on a monthly test and check on flight line fire pump controller, and fire alarm systems that pertain to AFFF fire suppression, and fire alarm signaling devices, (IR/Infrared, 31R sensors, control panels) checked and maintained battery packs for fire alarm back-up, battery chargers, and AFFF storage tanks, and related equpment.  Took immediate action to fire alarm equipment that utilizes such devices, and provided fire protection for aircraft and personnel, implemented service and parts replacement, for emergency repairs and service.  Provided emergency service to fire alrm systems in flight line Hangers, when necessary, in  a quick and orderly fashion.  Checked FACP panel for trouble status, reported to fire suppression coordinator, and fire inspectors all discrepancies.  Maintained the weekly report and battery checks for  FACP equipment in aircraft hangers.  This contract included the fire alarm panels, fire pump controllers, UV/IR release modules, UV/IR heat detectors, abort and release pull stations, solenoids, relay boards, jockey pumps, battery chargers, battery packs, electrical boxes, tamper switches, and all related components that send alarm and trouble signal to fire alarm call boxes, at flight line air craft hangers.  The locations were hangers 95, 97, 101, 103, 109, 146, 220,227, 240, and test cells 128 and 310, as well as all fire suppression systems (wet and dry), alarm check valves, sprinklers heads, water distribution manifolds, risers and related piping, pump motors, pump engines, engine and pump controllers, AFFF tanks, check valves and related piping, lube and exercise OS&Y valve stems, check packing and adjust if leaking.  Kept a log book, for maintenance records, to record any incidents, accidents, trouble conditions for equipment.  Tagged and marked fire suppression equipment, when annual testing had been completed.  Notified fire inspectors, alarm tech when service had been completed and sent maintence reports to engineering tech for record. The fire suppression maintence, was base wide, which also included Cannon Air Defense and Camp Billy Mechan.  The fire alarm maintenance pertained to the air craft hangers on the flight line and the AFFF systems on base.

This IDIQ had 80 task orders.

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