Install EM Door Holders Doors 1030 and 2103 HomeInstall EM Door Holders Doors 1030 and 2103

Install EM Door Holders Doors 1030 and 2103

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to install new magnetic door holders on the main stairway doors and connect them into the existing fire alarm system.

The building is a secure building and you will need to be escorted to enter the building and while the work is being done.


  1. To install new electromagnetic door holders at the main stairwell doors 1030 and 2103 on the first and second floors in building 00010.Verify compatibility of components with existing fire alarm system. Door holders shall be surface mount and installed so that the mounting boxes have support behind them.  Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) conduit shall be used where it is exposed. New door holders shall be connected to the existing door holder circuits. Install 2 each smoke detectors per door as per NFPA 72 section The smoke detectors in the first floor lobby shall be mounted to the lay-in ceiling and the detectors in the stairwells and the second floor lobby shall be surface mount. Reprogram existing fire alarm panel to incorporate the new detectors and door holders. The programming shall follow the existing program format.
  2. Calculations, programming and all new work shall be updated and documented. New documents shall be turned into the government.
  3. Conduit shall be concealed in walls and lay-in ceilings whenever possible. Flexible conduit can be used only where it is concealed in walls or above lay-in ceilings. Surface mount conduit shall be installed to where it is least visible and shall be painted to match the existing surface (where applicable) with red bands to meet codes.
  4. Any existing ceiling tiles that were damaged or where a device was removed and not replaced the tile shall be replaced with a new matching tile.

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