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Install a Physical Range Control Office

Fed Con-VC Joint Venture is tasked to install a leased double wide “Modular Building” along with necessary site work as further described hereunder. This is to serve as a Physical Range Control Office, placed just inside of Camp Michael Monsoor main entry gate, located at #2150 La Posta Campo, CA 91906.
1.2. This work in general is composed of:
a. One time installations work such as:
i. Site Works,
ii. All service connection such as water, sewer, and power.
iii. Water, Power, supply connections
iv. Plumbing, wiring, alarm system
v. Pumping, well tanks, and waterline; design, supply, and installations
vi. Utilities/Power supplies, design, supply and installations
vii. Sewer septic tank and leach field; design, supply and installations
viii. Installations of Modular Building, its stairs, ramps, decking and guard rails, and
ix. End of term removal of all leased items, and recovery of the site to conditions as specified hereunder.
b. Annual lease of the Modular Building, and all of its furnishings not owned by Gov., and to also include:
i. Full insurance coverage
ii. Routine Maintenance
iii. Repair and Replacement of building, its parts, utilities, support facilities, systems, finishes, and equipment.
iv. Warranties

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