Install Additional Security Lighting at Del Mar Gate HomeInstall Additional Security Lighting at Del Mar Gate

Install Additional Security Lighting at Del Mar Gate

Federal Construction Group is furnishing all labor, material, equipment and support necessary to perform work to increase lighting levels and providing light sources directed toward avenues of approach to include replacing existing roadway and area luminaires with LED light fixtures.  Increasing the number of light fixtures per pole and providing induction type fixtures to replace three (3) each wall mounted metal halide light fixtures while providing additonal pole base, pole standard and LED roadway luminaire, matching existing pole standard and extending existing electrical lighting circuit to supply the roadway luminaire.  Excavating, backfilling and compacting trench for the electrical duct, replacing excavated material as a result of installing an electrical circuit and providing the underground duct to the new pole locations.  Providing lighting above the guard shack roof line, aimed at the lane for ID checks and providing electrical lighting circuit and underground duct to supply the light fixtures.  The light fixtures are photocell controlled and are protected with in-line fuses.

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