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Install Air Curtains Building 300

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to provide the planning, shop drawings, construction, labor, material, supplies, equipment, and supervision necessary to supply and install new commercial AIR CURTAINS. We will install new Air Curtain units quantity total seven at various door locations at NAB Dining Hall Building Number 300.


A. Remove one existing AIR CURTAIN unit located in building scullery and supply and install new Air Curtain unit. The existing Air Curtain unit manufacturer MARS Company.

B. Remove and relocate and install next to door opening the existing illuminated green EXIT SIGNS at two single door locations at front entrance of building.


C. Purchase and install seven new Air Curtains units. Location is at NAB building 300 and Air Curtain units shall be installed/mounted horizontally inside of the building above each door opening.

D. Purchase and install a new factory magnetic contact switch for each door and electrically connected to function properly to obtain the Government Representative approval.

E. Contractor shall purchase and install all new accessories, instrumentation, electrical, junction box etc., as required to obtain Government Representative approval for complete operation of new seven AIR CURTAIN Units.

F. Location of each door opening requiring new AIR CURTAINS and nearby existing electrical power source panel is as follows:

Qty two Dining Hall Main Entrance double doors 6 feet wide opening each; Electric Panel NLP-5

Qty two Northside exit doors 6 feet wide opening each; Electric Panel ELP-3, NLP-4

Qty one Southwest exit door 3 feet wide opening; Electric Panel NLP-5

Qty one Southeast exit door 3 feet wide opening; Electric Panel NLP-5

Qty one Replace existing in scullery exit door 3 feet wide opening; Electric Panel ELP-5


a. The new AIR CURTAINS shall be commercial units minimum ½ HP motor for each single door, 1 HP for double doors and shall provide high velocity power for environmental separation and flying insect control when building doors are opened.

b. Federal Construction Group, Inc. shall supply and install all associated required accessories and controls. Make all the required connections to make the new Air Curtain units complete; power supply, physically connected, (instrumentation, controls, electrical wiring etc.) properly installed at each door opening.

c. Supply Air Curtains Galvanized metal that is white powder coated finish.

d. Insure all Air Curtain units operate and perform satisfactory to obtain the approval of the Government Representative.

e. Ensure that it is energy STAR qualified.





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