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Install Backup Generator, B-Mountain Radio Transmitter Building 01397

Federal Construction Group is providing reliable back-up power to the top of B-mountain.  The work includes demolishing communications cross-arms on specified pole and installing new hardward and third line for one span.  Installing new 4800V riser and service lateral, installing new 45KVA transformer and precast pad, and installing a new 25KW propane generator and precast pad. We will also install new electrical backboard, disconnects and ATS along with GFCI 1000 gallon propane tank on new footings.  Install propane line and a 50′ x 50′ seven (7) foot chain link fence with barbed wire top and chain link gate.  We will re-route approximatley 300′ of 2 existing 1.5″ abandoned communication lines to generator site and install approximately 1200′ of new 3#3 PVC jacketed Armored cable.  We will secure (bundle cables) together at 6′ intervals and safety label the new cable to existing 2-communications cables at 18′ intervals.  We shall install new 45KVA, 480:208 three-phase transformers on existing pad at the mountain top and also install enclosed circuit breakers, conduits, wiring, surge protector devices and conduit to building 01327 and building 01317 panel boards.  Replace building 01327 AC with new 3-ton AC, commission generator, commission new ATS and electrical installation.  Provide final electrical connections, demo existing mountain top power drop and finally install dead-head hardware at source power pole.

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