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Install Bird Protection at Kennels

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is to:

1. The Contractor shall provide and install multiple, rigid, paltruded composite or rust proof metal support structures substantial enough to provide long term support to the mesh in each facility covered under this Contract.

2. The Contractor shall provide and install all hardware necessary to securely mount the support assemblies. The contractor shall insure that all possible deflection, torque, and other such detrimental forces are taken into account and controlled and eliminated as necessary to provide a perfectly working, aesthetically simple, and easily repairable finished product.

3. The hardware cloth denial system shall be mounted to fit within the existing ceiling structures and building components that run the length of the central aisle. The Contractor shall box out such important components as valves, junction boxes etc., yet maximize air movement and allow for maintenance access with very little disassembly required.

4. The Contractor shall insure that the support structure is substantial enough to handle the penetration or weight of those fasteners necessary to mount the hardware cloth while minimizing any penetrations of the existing facility structure and components.

5. The Contractor shall provide and install anchors and fasteners capable of handling the mesh loads but without creating safety hazards from dropping clips, backing screws and other fastener failures.

6. The Contractor shall make bird proof all venting to include ridge, soffit and rake.

7. The Contractor shall remove, move and replace lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles, electrical devices, boxes, conduits, and raceways to include any wall, floor or ceiling circuits, surface mounted and concealed circuits in all locations as required for the project work construction and installation in the immediate vicinity where denial system assemblies are approved to go. The routing or rerouting of all circuits shall be confirmed by the Contractor at project site. The Contractor shall maintain circuit continuity for all circuits whose continuity was disrupted due to electrical demolition.

8. All electrical circuits and equipment, if moved, removed and reinstalled or established as new by the Contractor, shall meet or be upgraded to current NEC and UFC requirements.



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