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Install Door Interlock System Bldg. 20000

Federal Construction Group, Inc.  is tasked to install a new control system that will tie into an existing Automated Logic Control system to have the infra-red gas heaters in Hangar 3, building 20000 shut off when any of the hangar bifold doors are open. The new system will consist of electrical conduit, wire, sensors, programming and any other components needed to make this a complete and usable system.


The existing infra-red heaters are controlled by an Automated Logic Controller and the contractor shall have knowledge and work experience with this type of system. This job is in an aircraft hangar and the contractor shall be aware of the hazards of working in an aircraft hangar.  Some of the work will be about 40’ above the finish floor so a lift will be needed to perform the work and all safety procedures shall be followed.  Federal Construction Group is to provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform the Scope of Work. Perform all work necessary to complete the contract in a satisfactory and acceptable manner and adhere to all applicable federal, state, local codes and regulations and verify the field condition.  All material and equipment shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  All wires shall be labeled where ever it is terminated. Plan and coordinate all work in a manner that the down time and disruptions to the occupants are minimized. Outages shall be coordinated with the Contracting Officer with a minimum advance notification of 14 calendar days.


Provide ASHRAE BACnet compliant, DDC system integrating seamlessly with existing China Lake’s Web CTRL 4.1 (or the most current version used by China Lake’s Energy Office. New DDC system will communicate/integrate seamlessly (All input & output points) with the BASE wide energy monitoring and control system backbone manufactured by Automated Logic (ALC) without the use of a gateway or bi-directional protocol translator.  Provide all DDC system, interfaces, communication equipment, programming software, hardware and graphics (Thermal Floor Plan Graphics and Equipment Graphics) on the existing BASE EMCS front. Provide the government with all software, control program, licensing, passwords & administrative rights for editing (of the control’s programming for the life of the controls), and graphic (i.e. floor plans etc.…) that are required to operate and support these controls.  Provide 2 electronic copies (CD) of new control program, sequence of operation, equipment electrical schematic, equipment control panel component location/s and labeling of components.


To provide a complete and usable electrical control system that will shut down the 40 each existing infra-red heaters when the hangar doors are opened in Hangar 3 building 20000. This will require tying into and reprogramming the existing Automated Logic Control system by means of programming, electrical conduit, sensors and wire. There are 2 hangar bays in building 20000 with 20 heaters in each bay and the infra-red heaters are approximately 35’ off of finish floor. On both ends of each hangar bay there are bi-fold hangar doors that have a local controller on each door so they can open and close each side (see as-built drawings). The system shall shut all the heaters off in the bay when any of the hangar doors in that bay goes open. There shall be a delay of 5 minutes for shutting off and turning on the heaters encase they are just going to open and close the hangar door for quick access.  The existing heaters are Detroit radiant DX2-50-200 gas type heaters. The controller for the heaters is an automated logic temperature sensor which is located on the east and west walls of the hangar bays. Each of the logic temperature sensors controls 2 each of the Detroit Radiant heaters. Each side of the bays has 1 each of the SE6104 Automated Logic Controllers and 5 each of the logic temperature sensors. The 5 logic temperature sensors are tied into the 1 Automated Logic Controller SE6104 which will be typical of the east and west walls of the 2 hangar bays. Each SE6104 controller (typ of 4) controls 5each of the temperature sensors which will be typical of the east and west walls of the 2 hangar bays.  The system shall be tested with a government person present to witness the test. Notify the government 14 days in advance before the test is performed.




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