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Install new LED Display Sign System, All Faith Chapel, Bldg. 02601

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide a church sign the Naval Air Weapons Station Chapel. Signs are used to identify the Chapel, advertise services and/or upcoming events and to inform the public. The current sign is in severe disrepair and needs to be replaced.

The objective is to repair by replacement the Church Sign for the religious ministry department of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (NAWS) which will directly support the religious and spiritual needs of authorized users of the Chapel. Electrical work performed shall be in accordance to the NEC-2014 Article 600. Supporting this sign repair is associated code required electrical modifications. To accommodate the new sign’s increased power requirements, display lighting that currently shares the display sign power will be isolated onto a separate circuit and the bulbs will be changed out with government furnished high-efficiency ones.

1.  Responsible for placement of the new sign for NAWS Chapel. Contractor will ensure the sign is affixed properly and working in good order.

2.  Responisble  for  removal and disposal of old sign, along with all construction debris. Dispose of LED sign electronics frame and screen to DRMO and categorize as a re-usable item.

3.  Remove 8 quantity “ALL FAITH CHAPEL” back-lit 4’-T-12 illumination and replace with 4 quantity 4’ T-5 28W strip-lights.

4.  Installation and Freight will be included.

5. Approved weight lifting plans and traffic control plans needed as work requires.

6. Work and timeline for start and completion will be coordinated with the Installation Chaplain.

7. Work will be approved and accepted by the Installation Chaplain.

Remove existing 8#12 and #12 G home run conductors back to panel A. Install new Siemens 50A type BL breaker into spaces 38/40/41. Install new 4#8, #10G inside existing homerun conduit. Inside existing NEMA 3R enclosure, remove existing sign toggle switches and install din rain with two 20A 3-pole, and three 1-pole 20A din mount circuit breakers. Feed new sign with one 3- pole breaker, feed the existing lighting contactor with the second 3-pole breaker. Remove existing WP outlet and replace with new 20A GFCI type. Feed this outlet with one 20A 1-pole breaker, feed the irrigation controllers from a second 20A 1-pole breaker, and leave the third single pole breaker as spare.



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