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Install Petroleum Tank Randsburg Wash

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to install a petroleum tank. The overall goal for design, construction, and operation is to produce a building that meets the functional program needs and incorporates the principles of sustainability. Specifically:

  1. Preserve and restore the site ecosystem and biodiversity; avoid site degradation and erosion. Minimize offsite environmental impact.
  2. Use the minimum amount of energy, water, and materials feasible to meet the design intent. Select energy and water efficient equipment and strategies.
  3. Use environmentally preferable products and decrease toxicity level of materials used.
  4. Use renewable energy and material resources.
  5. Optimize operational performance (through commissioning efforts) in order to ensure energy efficient equipment operates as intended.

Consider the durability, maintainability, and flexibility of building systems.

  1. Manage construction site and storage of materials to ensure no negative impact on the indoor environmental quality of the building.
  2. Reduce construction waste through reuse, recycling, and supplier takeback.


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