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Install Power for New Building at R116

Federal Construction Group installed and connected new electrical power for the new building located at R116.  We installed pole mount 100KVA/12KV transformer, oil filled.  Install 350′, size #2 THW aerial primaries and provided proper wire terminations.  Installed copper ground rods size 10′ long, 3/4″ diameter in the designated locations.  We also installed single phase ploymer cutout to existing pole and provided 4″ PVC riser withe associated supports.

Federal Construction Group also mounted one (1) each distribution panel rated 600A, single phase, 3 wires on the concrete pad with proper mounting brackets.  Installed electric base approved metering device.  Installed 3 wires/400kcmil copper wires between transformer and distribution panel. Provided proper termination on all secondary terminals and provided and installed the power panel rated  (1) each 200A and (2) each rated 100A with 42 breakers at inside wall of the designated building.  We installed (15) each-20aA weather proof electric outlets and (27) each 32 Watts, 4′ x 4′ ceiling mounted fluorescent lights.  We tested for proper operation of the new electrical power circuit in the building.

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