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Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to repair runway slabs not to exceed the set quantities in this SOW. If it is found after the contractor’s survey that, all of the quantities are being used on the runway then the government will provide to the contractor with which slabs are priority.  If there is quantity left over after the runway quantity is accounted for after the contractor’s survey then the government will determine which remaining airfield concrete slabs will be repaired.

JBSA-Lackland’s Kelly Airfield (Figure 1) has only one runway. Major expansion of the airfield was conducted during the early 1940s. In the mid-1950s, Runway 15/33 was constructed and the airfield was expanded to its present-day configuration. In some cases, World War II-era or earlier pavements were overlaid with additional concrete to achieve final thicknesses and elevations. Since the 1950s, airfield pavements have been removed and replaced, overlaid, or repaired. Substantial repairs to the runway keel sections occurred in the late 1980sRunway 15/33 will go through a name change in 2016 or 2017 to Runway 16-34.  JBSA-Lackland’s 15/33 runway is an 11,550 foot long runway with 12 taxiways and 4 aprons and 2 arm/disarm pads. It is open 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

JBSA-Lackland’s Kelly Airfield: has a variety of slab sizes. The slabs to be repaired are of varying size, location, age and condition. Access to the slabs is limited due to the airfield is open 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

All construction work shall be in strict conformance with Statement of Work and specifications   and shall include the furnishing of all materials, labor, tools, equipment, and services necessary to accomplish the provisions of this SOW.  The work performed by the contractor shall result in complete and fully functioning systems consisting of, but not limited to, the following principal items:
Safely opening the runway, taxiways and other concrete paved surfaces at the end of each shift (except when concrete is curing), provide a structurally sound pavement with no cracks, spalls or damage, established grass in all contractor disturbed areas, provide a product constructed per scope of work and attachments, and minimize future maintenance and repair costs.

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