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Fed Con-VC Joint Venture is tasked to install a physical Range Control Office at La Posta Campo, CA. Following security measures shall be installed on the building.
i. Guarded Windows Windows shall have security bars or grills.
ii. Solid Entry and LAN Rm. Door locks External doors and LAN room shall have (1) x Mechanical PIN Combo / Cypher Lock and (1) x higher grade, metallic key bolt lock.
iii. Intrusion Detection System alarm and camera recording system with messaging capabilities
a. Contractor shall provide door contacts and motion sensor for external doors of trailer.
b. Door contacts should also be installed in the LAN room, with a separate Zone on the control panel.
c. Ability to arm and disarm alarm system should be located in the Quarterdeck, behind reception desk.
d. Connections should run back to the LAN room and terminate at a patch panel.

e. Panel shall be connected by Naval Special Warfare personnel when the communications gear is installed.
f. This alarm system shall annunciate at NRSW. Any system installed must comply with NRSW requirements.
g. The system shall be compatible with the camera system, and recording.
iv. Automatic exterior security lights, and Camera
a. Security cameras shall be installed in the main conference area and outside of the Quarterdeck.
i. The interior conference cameras shall detect the entries and from quarter deck, and outside door to conference room and the vault door. These cameras shall be 5MP HD, 4X Optical Zoom, 31-90 Degrees viewing angle, 2.7mm-12mm motorized lens, 24pcs Infrared LEDs and good 100feet Night Vision, with a pixel resolution of 2560×1920 or better.
ii. The outside cameras shall monitor both the gate for cars entering, and the road approaching the gate for cars existing. These cameras shall be of 5MP HD, 4X Optical Zoom, 360° Endless Pan, 90° Tilt, 31°-87° viewing angle, 2.7mm-12mm motorized lens, 5.3mmx6pcs Infrared LEDs, 190ft of night vision in low light conditions, with a pixel resolution of 2560×1920 or better.
iii. The cameras shall be connected to a network video recorder installed inside the vault, and operating based on motion detection from any of the cameras, with a capacity of one week’s time.
b. The system shall be supported with UPS provided by Gov.
c. Personnel at the Quarter deck shall be able to monitor the camera system on the proposed monitors indicated in the floor layout.
v. Automatic/manual night time exterior security lights Install face down exterior lights at each entry door, one on the back and one on each sides

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