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Modify Room 302, Building 00005

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to modify and reconfigure rooms with in room 302, located on the 3rd floor in Michelson Lab.
Rooms to be reconfigured and upgraded: rooms 302-A, 302-B, 302-C, 302-D and 302-F. Other work to include removal of coffee mess and water fountain, security upgrades to mechanical system and restrooms, abatement of hazardous materials.

The upgrades and repairs to this facility will enhance the nation’s combat readiness by providing the highest quality and services to the Naval Aviation community and to all the organizations that utilize Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake.

Room 302 located on the 3rd floor in Michelson Lab will support Integrated Warfighting Capability Enterprise (IWCE) Team operations.
To complete some aspects of demolition and renovation, it may be necessary to access areas outside of room 302. For security reasons, entry to such areas must be approved and coordinated. For security reasons, all facets of the project must take place during normal working hours, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Remove existing doors and frames from selected rooms and spaces. Demolition work to be coordinated with building point of contact. Remove or adjust, as needed, gypsum wall board, ceiling tiles, and carpeting. Remove and dispose of existing metal wall panels (Virginia metal wall panels). Remove and dispose of coffee mess and water fountain and all associated plumbing, millwork, and any exposed blocking and electrical. Remove and dispose of unused wiring, conduits, and piping within room 302. elective building demolition of suspected asbestos containing materials.

Remove as needed, electrical and mechanical wiring, devices, and conduits. Existing toilet room windows to receive manbars and be infilled to prevent access to existing window units at toilet room side of walls. As work in room(s) are completed, replace and reinstall any removed or relocated devices to restore functional use of the room(s).

Extend all walls, furred walls, and partitions to underside of floor and roof assemblies above. Seal all conduit, piping and ductwork penetrations in walls, as well as bottom and top sill channels or plates.

All rooms and corridors, including restrooms, shall be painted to match existing finishes below drop ceiling. Walls above drop ceiling to be painted black. Tape, spackle, feather and sand all seams at corners, seams and patches.

All office doors to receive locks compliant with federal specification FF-L-2740 and FF-L-2890.

Provide man-bars where any ductwork crosses walls for all openings larger than 96 square inches (and over 6 inches in its smallest dimension), using a minimum of 9 gauge expanded metal screen, in accordance with Military Handbook 1013/1A. Inspection ports for manbars to be installed on interior (secure) side of space. Install manbars on interior side of restroom windows, between infill walls and window units.

All ductwork, sprinkler piping and piping penetrations into walls shall be sealed with acoustical sealant. Provide “Z” duct or dialectic breaks for all through wall penetrations.

Customer to provide photographic documentation throughout project. Expect up to a 7 day delay for photographic timelines.

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