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Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to:

1. Provide a working schedule and work plan to GSA project management prior to start of work. Both the schedule and plan shall include all the necessary phasing of all design, demolition and construction activities to minimize impact to ongoing U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operations.
2. The contractor shall employ the services of a registered electrical professional engineer to conduct an on-site Lighting & Electrical Study to determine current electrical capacity of the Naco LPOE station to include feeder size, main panel capacity, National Electric Code (NEC) code compliance, provisions for upgrades and current distribution condition.
3. Results of the Lighting & Electrical Study shall be presented to GSA in “white paper” format submitted in a binder to include existing conditions and recommendations to bring current the station electrical system into current code compliance. Recommendations for future growth shall also be included in the study. Photographs of all existing deficiencies and conditions shall be included as well as a completed one-line diagram of the entire port (both existing and recommended).
4. From GSA approved recommendations of the Lighting & Electrical Study, the contractor shall provide designs to modify and update the existing power distribution system as required to handle the additional loads to supply the additional lighting systems by providing and installing panels, breakers, conductors and conduits.
5. Employ the services of a registered electrical professional engineer to develop a site-wide lighting plan documenting the salient features of the design including the fixture selection, photometrics, coverage areas and illumination levels prior to the acceptance of the design.
6. All designs shall include exterior lighting calculations and models and point by point plots of lighting values to demonstrate the proposed lighting plan. This lighting plan shall be submitted to GSA for approval.

7. The lighting plan shall meet the minimum exterior lighting intensity and color as recommended in the latest editions of the CBP IA Security Policy and Procedure Manual 1400-02B for LPOEs and IESNA Lighting Handbook.
8. Provide barriers to safely divert traffic/pedestrian around construction.
9. Remove the asphalt pavement & curbs for trenching operations to install new electrical supply conduits and the high mast pole foundations. NOTE: Use of earth boring shall be used where possible to minimize damage to pavements and curbs.

10. Demolish existing lights and poles to include concrete bases. Remove wiring from conduits and properly dispose.
11. Restore the asphalt and the curbs to its original condition after the new electrical conduits and wiring for the lights have been installed.
12. The new light poles shall be installed along the border and at the north side of the LPOE.
13. Form, reinforced and place concrete bases (cast in place) with 4-bolt imbeds for new light poles. Concrete bases shall extend 4’ below grade.
14. Install light poles with brackets and mounting arms on these inbeds.
15. Lighting shall be of LED type as needed to meet spill, area of coverage, luminosity, color and durability as specified in the latest editions of the CBP IA Security Policy and Procedure Manual 1400-02B for LPOEs and IESNA Lighting Handbook & in Division 26 of this SOW.
16. Provide properly sized wiring, terminations and conduits in compliance with the most current NEC standards for outdoor applications.
17. Supply and install all the baffles and lamps for the exterior lighting to reduce light spillage past the international border.
18. Install ballistic protection on all lighting fixtures


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