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NBPL-500 Remove Ansul System Install a Hood and FSS

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to demo and replace the kitchen hood fire suppression system connected to the deep fryer in the back kitchen prep area.  This project is located at Building 500, the Dolphin Inn Galley at Naval Base Point Loma.  Building 500 is a newly remodeled galley. The kitchen fryers and the exterior grill were determined to be unusable by the Fire Inspector due to life safety concerns.

Demolish and remove of all equipment and material necessary to perform the upgrade project described in this document, to include but not limited to mechanical equipment, plumbing, ducting, ceiling and building repair and painting.
Cut, cap, and remove the existing fire suppression tubing above the ceiling.
Demo the nozzle heads above the deep fryer.
Remove the pull station as well as all electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical connections for the alternative fire suppression system.

Install new piping and dispersion heads above the grease kettle that properly support the fire protection safety needed for the fire suppression system per the NFPA code.
Install swivel adaptors in the proper quantity of dispersion heads, that are constructed to hit the correct angle for this application, per the NFPA code.
Install/reuse the gas valve that will shall shut down when suppression system is activated, per code.

Install a certified and approved single-tank fire suppression system with a stainless steel enclosure. The unit shall have a nitrogen or carbon dioxide cartridge. Unit shall use a low pH liquid fire suppressant.
Install the new wall mounted suppression canister on the wall above the wash station in the same room as the tilt skillet (Groen Tilt Skillet: Model#BPM-30E; Serial#J68905-1) it is protecting, also provide a wall mounted remote mechanical release.
Suppression system shall be capable of both automatic and manually activation.

Provide and/or modify all conduit and electrical wiring needed to support this install.
Install control connection to the gas valve to shut down gas to the tilt skillet during suppression activation

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