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Federal Construction Group disassembled all RPMs (4 primary RPMs and 1 secondary RPM) from the Evergreen Exit Gate along with the traffic lights and surveillance camera and redeployed them to the Common Gate at Charleston, South Carolina.  Demolition was performed on the secondary RPM foundation.  Two RPMs were relocated to the Common Gate.  The three remaining RPMs remained operational until the last week of final construction, then we disassembled and prepared them for shipping.  At the Common Gate we re-installed (2) primary RPMs, traffic lights and the surveillance camera from the Evergreen Gate.  We disassembled and reinstalled the primary RPM, passenger side, to meet the stand/stand required distance, per design.  Installed CBP signage, stripping, speed bumps, bollards, K-rails and CBP booth ancillary equipment as per the design.

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